QAre there any additional fees payable for my project?

Costs can vary greatly and depend of what services are needed for your project. In addition to the standard fees there may be addtional costs for outgoings, travel, quantity surveyors, soil testing, a structural engineer, town planning application and land surveyors. When this occurs Russell Watkins Architects provides estimates/quotations for such services. Costs to external companies and/or services are payable by the client directly to the supplier of that service.

QCan I hire you just for design?

Yes!  My services can be used only for your design requirements.

QCan you give me a list of items that are covered in my contract?

Yes!  But this requires us to look at your project needs as these vary so much from project to project. Once we have your project scoped we'll have a clear list of requirements.

QDo you have your own builder or can I work with my builder?

We do have our own builders who we have formed trusted working relationships with over many years.  We can also work with your builder.

QHow are fees for an architect calculated?

Fees are based on a percentage of estimated building cost and adjusted in accordance with the actual contract amount.  We follow the standards from RAIA when calculating our professional fees.

QWhat should I prepare before my first visit to see you?

Prepare your wish list!  We would love to hear and see any ideas you may have.  Also prepare an approximate budget.

QWhen are any costs due and payable?

All fees are due and payable seven (7) days after the invoice date.

QWhen do I pay an architect?

Fees are payable upon completion of work at each stage whether the project proceeds to completion, is postponed on abandoned.

QWhy would I use an architect rather than a draftsman?

Both are professions that can help bring your dreams to a reality. You will generally find though that architects will have a flair for showing you practical design whereas generally a draftsman is hired to prepare your plans but in general they are not contracted to create your design.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to others and would be pleased to speak personally to any prospective client you referred me. Property renovated: Gordon Park -  Your practical design input has made a radical improvement to the property and it gave us peace of mind to know you were supervising the whole project. Property renovated:  New Farm - ...the property continues to draw favourable comments today from visitors and subsequent owners of the new building have copied some of your ideas.

Tony Beal

Maincraft Investments Pty Ltd

Your design of the house in Patterson Lakes, Melbourne was one of the most accurate and asthestically pleasing of all the private dwellings I have built since gaining my builders license. It's my pleasure to recommend you to any prospective clients.

Brian Roy Eberhard

Builder, Victoria

We are extremely satisfied with the end result!  We have used Russell Watkins Architects on another project at our holiday home also.  We have no hesitation in recommending Russell and his work.

Garry & Terry Fenner

Brisbane, Queensland

I am pleased to endorse Russell Watkins, Architecht to any prospective client who is concerned for the final outcome of their project.

Jeff Ganter

Brisbane, Queensland

Innovative designs that are considerate to any site restrictions and completed with great ability to conceptualise the end result and to convey this to me. Thanks Russell, I have no hesitation in recommending your architecutural sercvices.

John Last, BCE

Noosaville, Queensland

... the home that Russell designed for us is perfect for the block taking in the best views, breezes for Summer and Winter. Russell was extremely professional and very amiable and easy to work with in all our dealings with him.

Vince & Rhelmae Hebbard

Marburg, Queensland


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Brisbane Architect - Russell Watkins

Every client's needs are different and a fresh approach in each instance is necessary. Although problems vary enormously — there is a solution in each and every case.

It's my responsiblity, as your architect, to interpret your needs in a way that your project remains personal to you, not an egotistical experience for me. - Russell Watkins, Brisbane Architect

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