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Russell Watkins Architects has over 40 years experience in the design of all types of buildings and renovations, specialising in residential. We can help you ground your ideas into a practical reality. One of our specialities is to design open plan living to suit the environment with light weight construction and lots of glass all with respect to the orientation. We are Brisbane Architects however we work all over Australia.


The Process

Once you have decided that you would like to engage us or consider engaging us for architectural services the first step is to get in contact with us so that we can discuss your project, the details and the budget you are working with.

At this stage we will gain an understanding of what you are wanting to achieve and we can assist in a plan as to how this may be achieved including all practical aspects as well as considerations of the working budget for the project.

Once an initial conversation has taken place and you wish to engage us to help you an appointment is made on site. A design brief is formulated relating to budget. Schematic Design Drawings are prepared for discussion, alteration or massaging. Once these are approved, Construction Drawings, Specification and Structural Engineer's Drawings are approved. Tenders are invited from a couple of qualified builders and prices prepared. A builder is engaged and construction begins with Russell Watkins Architects engaged for Project Management to oversee project and organise progress payments to the builder as well as selecting finishes and colour schedule. On completion a Final Certificate is prepared to coincide with the Queensland Building Services Authority (Q.B.S.A.) seven (7) year guarantee if this is applicable to your location.

Areas of architectural specialisation

We are highly skilled in all areas architectural design, though we have extra speciality in residential buildings and modern contemporary styles. We are based in Brisbane and have alot of experience with regards to local requirements and regulations, though we are more than capable to undertake projects anywhere in Australia utilising modern communication means in combination of flying out to project sites as required.


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Brisbane Architect - Russell Watkins

Every client's needs are different and a fresh approach in each instance is necessary. Although problems vary enormously — there is a solution in each and every case.

It's my responsiblity, as your architect, to interpret your needs in a way that your project remains personal to you, not an egotistical experience for me. - Russell Watkins, Brisbane Architect

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